A company may have found the best digital signage software for its needs, enjoying the wide array of benefits it brings to the in-store experience. However, if the organization hosts this software on its own servers, it will surely encounter technical challenges that eventually diminish the value of the software and reduce the overall return on investment. 

As an article from ThriveNetworks pointed out, hosted services offer a whole new level of flexibility and business value for any type of enterprise software. Digital signage is certainly included in this mix, and organizations that leverage such solutions will surely stand above the competition in a number of ways. Here's a closer look at how hosted signage software makes a difference:

1. Simplicity: For the typical retailer, restaurant owner or private medical practitioner, a completely hands-off signage solution is a dream come true, and this is exactly what hosted services offer. Business leaders remain in complete control of their software while a dedicated team of IT professionals handle the technical aspects of management and maintenance. 

"With a hosted software solution, you can keep your internal resources focused on important projects and leave the ongoing maintenance chores to the managed services team," explained ThanxMedia contributor Marcel Munoz. 

2. Affordability: People often say that a hosted solution can save a company money, but how does this actually prove true? The answer lies in the streamlined pricing structure and the concept of operational expenditure. Simply put, organizations pay the exact amount necessary for a functional signage system – nothing more and nothing less.

"Discover a risk-averse payment structure."

With a better understanding of the monthly costs of a given solution, a company can ensure that it sets aside enough funding to support high-performing signage. This results in a predictable and risk-resistant payment system that helps an organization map out its budgets long-term. 

While the cost advantages of a hosted solution may not be apparent at the beginning of the investment, they will become obvious over time as the organization reduces its capital expense profile and creates a budget based on greater predictability. For a business large or small, this increased certainty is an advantage that cannot be denied. 

3. AccessibilityRemote access and on-the-go productivity are common themes in the modern business world, and for good reason. Those who design and distribute signage content need to have continuous access to their software platforms in order to maintain precise scheduling for promotional efforts. Furthermore, social media integration makes it even more important to stay in the loop. 

That's why the most effective hosted signage solutions are accessible from anywhere, including laptops, mobile devices and other points of Web connectivity. Brands that leverage such programs are more likely to create relevant, targeted content thanks to this increased responsiveness. 

The benefits of a hosted solution should be readily visible to any organization that already uses signage, and these points will only solidify the importance of this approach.