American shoppers always boost their spending in the final few months of the year, as the holiday rush is a cornerstone of modern consumer culture. As research from RetailNext recently revealed, holiday sales are predicted to rise by nearly 3 percent this year, while the National Retail Federation expects the boost to be closer to 4 percent. 

However, this year's holiday season will come with an interesting twist: In-store foot traffic is likely to decrease by around 8 percent. This means that retailers will have to ramp up their communications efforts within their brick-and-mortar environments, taking advantage of every minute shoppers spend exploring the store.

Thankfully, smart retailers have the power of signage on their side. Here are some ways to maximize the effectiveness of digital signage solutions this holiday season. 

Build the holiday atmosphere
For shoppers seeking gifts, a welcoming and festive in-store environment is a very compelling reason to stay and explore in-store offerings. Signage content must be styled to include holiday imagery and inspire shoppers to think about exciting gift ideas for their loved ones. Retail success is all about atmosphere, especially during the holiday season. 

"Time to make the switch to holiday mode."

With enterprise digital signage software, making the switch to holiday mode is easy and fast. Even large networks with countless franchise locations can be coordinated to display unique content types and spread the holiday cheer in a streamlined manner. 

Launch plenty of promotions
As a recent blog article from SignWorld stated, signage displays that highlight on-sale items can boost retail profits by an average of 15 percent. The power of a well-placed promotion is already undeniable, and during the holiday rush, these programs make an even bigger impact. 

Retail leaders should scan their inventories to see which items can yield significant profit with promotional offers, then develop and distribute content that emphasizes their value. Additionally, a brand will want to coordinate with supply chain partners to see how they can capitalize on affiliate promotion programs. 

"Strengthen existing business relationships with your manufacturers, vendors, or other business partners by offering to feature them in your digital signage over the holidays for a discounted rate," stated the news provider. 

Leverage social media platforms
Between Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram, there are countless opportunities for retailers to use social media to drive in-store signage programming. During the holidays, trends develop fast, and coordinating social media outlets with signage is a great way to boost the momentum of certain item sales and promotions. 

"Invite your customers to engage with your business on social media. If you keep up to date on these platforms, you will more than likely see some customers commenting on your posts and sharing them with friends," continued the SignWorld blog.

Furthermore, those who interact with a retailer's social media accounts will have even more incentive to seek out a brick-and-mortar location and see whether their personalized content made it up on the screen. They'll be sure to make a purchase before they leave.