Customer service is becoming one of the most critical elements of enterprise success in the modern era. A Gartner report even asserted that by 2016, 89 percent of companies will be competing mainly on the basis of customer experience, which encompasses a wide range of interactions with consumers from the Web to the retail storefront. 

Of course, the contact center must be included in this lineup of customer experience touchpoints, and organizations are looking for ways to improve performances in this key arena of conversation and service. Digital signage is a great way to ramp up levels of efficiency and productivity in the call center. Here are three ways that call center leaders are leveraging signage today.

1. Better metrics visibility: All call centers rely heavily on metrics to guide their operations in the right direction. From call volume to average call time and agent utilization rates, managers and representatives alike need to have as much visibility as possible into these KPIs. As an article from ICMI contributor Jim Mannion pointed out, signage can make these metrics available to the entire call center in a visually appealing manner. 

Most importantly, signage allows leaders to act on the information displayed in front of them, reducing the time it takes to process this data and make strategic choices for the call center. 

"To be impactful, metrics need to be actionable," stated Mannion. "Processes must be in place to allow agents, supervisors and managers to learn immediately when metrics are out-of-compliance and whether there is a potential customer service issue."

"Signage can inspire a competitive atmosphere among agents."

2. Alerts and action plans: Even the best call centers can encounter a crisis scenario, whether it be a violation of an important regulatory standard or severe backup in caller traffic. The ability to broadcast alerts across the call center is very valuable in these situations, and signage can help make it happen. This is especially useful for agents who are still becoming familiar with how the operation works. 

"Newly hired staff can be more easily reminded, alerted and trained using a combination of corporate training videos, call center site updates and schedule displays via the LCD," explained Digital Signage Blog contributor Nate Nead. 

3. Gamification strategies: Badgeville defines gamification as "the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals." This approach has become very popular in call centers everywhere, as agents have shown to deliver better and more consistent performances when they have a greater incentive to succeed.

Gamification strategies can focus on boosting sales, reducing the length of call waiting times and improve other vital service metrics.  Digital signage is a powerful way to make these strategies catch on across the workforce, as their visibility inspires the competitive nature in call center agents.

No matter how a call center chooses to implement digital signage, it will surely find value in these solutions and improve performances across the board.