Employee motivation is an elusive ideal in the corporate world, and every industry struggles to encourage better performances from its workforce. A Gallup poll even found that in 2014, less than one-third (31.5 percent) of workers in the United States were engaged at their jobs, showing that the majority of organizations have plenty of room for improvement in this regard.

While every industry brings a distinct set of practices and perks to the table in their efforts to ramp up motivation, there is one tool that every organization can use to spark effort across teams in various departments: digital signage. Here are a few ways in which companies can leverage signage for superior staff member motivation and productivity:

Creating communities: Great brands create thriving communities in the workplace, encouraging team members to become more like family and friends than coworkers. Building a strong community is especially important for the millennial generation, which has the lowest rate of engagement, according to Gallup polls. 

"User-created content and calendars keep employees in the loop."

An article from Summit Integration Systems explained that digital signage can serve to bring these communities closer together through user-created content and event calendars that keep employees in the loop. Organizations can leverage any content type they want to make a positive impact on the workforce community.

"Other messages may connect with employees on a more personal level, such as content about retirement or health benefits," stated the news provider. "This customization and personalization helps the right people relate to the messaging, making it more engaging and successful."

Gamification strategy: Gamified motivation techniques are a newer and more experimental strategy for increasing engagement and focus, but research shows that gamification can yield big results. An infographic from Knewton stated that the population plays over 3 billion hours of video and computer games every week, making this approach an obvious choice for boosting performance through score keeping and competitive dynamics.

"Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in non-gaming contexts to engage users and to solve problems," stated a definition from Engage Mental Alliance. "Gamification leverages game design, loyalty program design and behavioral economics to create the optimal context for behavior change and successful outcomes."

How does digital signage factor into a gamification strategy? The key is using digital signage software that displays score counters and employee performance  metrics for all to see. Staff members who can track how they're stacking up compared to the competition will be more likely to push for the extra sale or complete more of their assigned work. 

There's no formula for employee motivation, but signage can certainly help. There's no formula for employee motivation, but signage can certainly help.

Inviting atmosphere: Whether signage is placed in a retail store, fast casual restaurant or tech firm, a clean display and original content can lighten the mood of any workplace, leading to increased morale for both employees and patrons. Simply being reminded of the brand and mission through visual formats can keep staff members on track and inspire them to uphold a company's image.

Additionally, signage can help keep workers in touch with the world outside, thanks to weather updates and news feeds. These features will ensure that employees stay informed while focusing on the task at hand, rather than constantly checking their smartphones or accessing the Web through company desktops. 

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Digital signage is already used in many workplaces, but for consumer-focused purposes rather than staff engagement strategies. Organizations can quickly and easily balance these solutions to reach both audiences by incorporating enterprise-grade digital signage software and creating content aimed at each camp. Companies can dramatically boost employee motivation by following the guidelines above and approaching new signage techniques with an open mind.