Businesses often enter the world of hosted services expecting a certain set of benefits, having read endless testimonials and reports about their capabilities. However, upon finally leveraging these solutions, they may find that hosted services offer an entirely different set of useful features that only further the overall power of the strategy. 

With regard to hosted digital signage, these surprise benefits are certainly unique, as this technology demands a unique mix of creativity, networking and timing to be successful. Here's a closer look at some of the hidden advantages that hosted digital signage services bring to the table.

1. Smoother deployment: Too many signage systems are launched with networking or content streaming issues that can hamper the ROI of a platform from day one. By taking a hosted approach to signage software, a firm can be certain that its backend systems will be prepared for deployment, and that any surface-level issues can be quickly addressed with the assistance of the service provider. 

"Hosted services offer stability and resiliency."

When it comes to the deployment stage of a signage system, certainty and peace of mind are hugely valuable, and not to be overlooked by veteran project leaders who have seen their fair share of unstable software. This stability and resiliency lasts throughout the life cycle of the solution as well, reducing much of the risk that accompanies standard IT strategies. 

2. More precise control: Some brands fear that they'll lose total command of their software by migrating to a hosted service platform, but the opposite is true, according to TechTarget. Today's hosted service providers function as a gateway of customization and control to the public cloud, which grants companies more precise command over their deployments while reducing the heavy lifting required of licensed software assets.  

"The service, in a way, looks like traditional IT in that the customer can have service providers take care of some of the provisioning aspects, some ability to do self-service – essentially outsourcing the public cloud to the service provider," explained Melanie Posey, research vice president for IDC, according to TechTarget. 

3. Improved security: While security may not be as urgent a priority for digital signage as it is with applications that store customer, patient or financial data, it's still vital that companies lock down their network infrastructures from every possible point of access. That's why businesses will be pleased to discover that hosted services are actually more secure than traditional on-premise systems, according to a recent article from CIO. 

This is largely due to the fact that data center management is a top-tier responsibility for a hosted service provider, which places a heavy emphasis on the protection and optimization of these assets. For digital signage providers that want to ensure the security of their intellectual property, this is another prime advantage of a hosted service setup. 

Signage technology is more popular than ever before, but with a strong hosted service provider powering these systems, a brand can put itself at a major competitive advantage from a tech perspective.