One of the best features of a strong digital signage platform is its ability to support a wide and flexible range of content types, which in the modern marketing world is necessary for success. Viewers want a diverse, multimedia experience when they are met with a brand message, and have raised their standards for every channel from email to social media, as well as in-store signage. The question is, what content types deliver the best viewing experience while delivering a strong and targeted message from the brand?

Since there's no one-size-fits-all answer, it's important for companies to be open to the idea of experimentation as they incorporate different content formats into their signage schedules. To help them understand their options and recognize the advantages therein, here's a quick look at some of the most popular styles of digital signage content. 

News and promotions
Although most signage deployments already rely on these content types as a foundational strategy, there are countless ways in which a brand can reinvigorate standard news and promotional material. For example, a company can create a customized news ticker that only shares upbeat, brand-related stories, and tie these efforts in with promotions to spur conversions. Live feeds seem more connected and deliver greater engagement. 

Brands can always refresh traditional signage content types to boost engagement, using event schedules, weather updates and upcoming sales. It's better to deliver a diverse set of material than let things go stale.

"Great signage content balances style and substance."

Video and imagery
The quality and flexibility of visual content has come a very long way in the world of digital signage, and brands need to capitalize on their high-powered screens and software using eye-catching displays. This could be anything from runway footage in a retail store to high-def‚Äčinition food prep imagery in a fast casual restaurant. As long as the content is balanced with a strong marketing message, there should be enough style and substance to go around. 

Before launching an aggressive visual signage campaign, however, it's important for brands to determine a go-to file format to ensure consistency across the content assets. When all videos and images are similarly recorded, stored and delivered, it adds a professional edge that consumers will recognize. 

Social media content
Many brands are thrilled to see that their social media following are gaining momentum, but few marketing leaders realize that they can leverage the user-created content from these sites in the context of in-store signage. For instance, displaying positive posts, videos or images from loyal fans can inspire shoppers to make a last-minute purchase or simply become more involved with the company's presence online. 

While this content type does require a bit of extra attention and curation on the part of signage strategists, the impact of user-created material is undeniable when mixed with a strong set of existing promotional content. Customers will also be compelled to make exciting and original material for a brand in search of their 15 minutes of fame. It's a winning situation for everyone.