When aligned correctly, great technologies can complement one another in such a way that the end value is far greater than the sum of its parts. This synthesis is exactly what innovators are trying to accomplish with mobile technology and digital signage, and the past several years have seen a great deal of experimentation and forward progress in this area. Now, businesses are closer than ever to unlocking the power that lies at the crossroads between these two groundbreaking technologies. 

So, what is the winning recipe that makes the most out of these distinct yet powerful components? The answer lies in the digital signage software a company chooses to incorporate, and confidence with which leaders and end users orchestrate mobile capabilities on both the business and consumer side. Here's a closer look at how organizations are creating a harmonious connection between signage, mobile technology and the software that powers it all.

Enable a mobile generation
The mobile revolution is far beyond the point of critical mass, and workforce flexibility is a top-of-mind priority for business leaders in every corner of the organization. Therefore, mobile functionality is a highly desirable feature for digital signage strategists, with more companies leveraging the ability to control networks from remote access points.

"Deploy a signage solution that features strong mobile access and control."

As an article from CBR Online pointed out, this level of end user agility is key to continuous productivity, with nearly one-fifth of employees operating away from main office locations, according to the British Chambers of Commerce. 

"The technology industry is built on a culture of innovation, and an inherent drive to make things more efficient, more useful, and more engaging," explained Accellion managing director Keith Poyser, according to the news source. "Today there is a mobile revolution occurring, transforming the way we work and the tools we use for that work."

With these priorities in mind, it's clear that businesses need a digital signage software solution that features comprehensive mobile access and control. In retaining the power to deploy, adjust and monitor campaigns on the go, strategists will achieve a level of insight and command never before experienced in the digital signage sphere. 

Empower shoppers with mobile
While mobility offers impressive benefits for internal signage operations, forward-thinking brands are eager to deliver an equally flexible and engaging user experience for those on the consumer end. According to a recent article from Banking Exchange, organizations in the financial services sector are discovering that mobile is a huge source of brand equity in the eyes of prospects and clients alike, suggesting that proximity networks can help orchestrate more compelling and personalized content on display. 

"Corporations are often competing with the personal mobile screens of consumers, underscoring the need for an effective, targeted digital strategy that syncs mobile, social media, and digital signage," explained blog author Mark Boidman.

With smartphone and tablet usage going nowhere but up in the workplace and in commercial contexts, the power of a mobile-infused digital signage strategy cannot be denied. Savvy organizations will work to make the most of these two technologies, and surely achieve strong competitive advantages as a result.